Wednesday's.whimsy : Dominic.michael

happy wednesday! today's "wednesday's whimsy" is a couple of my favorite images taken at my nephew's baptism. regular blog readers may remember my nephew & godson Vincent from a previous post on this blog... however since then, he has become a BIG brother to Dominic Michael! unfortunately, i have been so crazy busy that i haven't had time to properly introduce this newest addition & love to my life --- so i figured what better way to show him off then on his baptism day!

here is the sweetie himself... Dominic Michael!
Vincent hanging out with Grandma :
Dominic chillin' before the baptism began -- isn't he precious!? (side note: i just loooove how Robert (Dominic's Dad) is looking at Jacqueline (his wife/my best friend) in the photo on your left) :
the photo on your left from left to right is Father Giulio, Dan (Dominic's godfather/Robert's brother), Jacqueline (Mom), Robert (Dad) & of course, Dominic in the middle! on the right we have Jelena (Dominic's godmother) with her gorgeous daughter Isabella!
it's official!
and lastly, just some cute moments of Vincent right before we left the church that day! gosh i love these boys soooooo much!!!
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