Fine Art Guestbook Album!

Please meet one of my recent most favorite new product additions to KSP....
the uber modern, sleek & fashion-foward Fine Art Guestbook Album!

This baby is 8x10" in size with 26 pages,
a choice of either a Leather or Premium Suede-Like Fabric cover,
as well as engraving of your choice.

I custom design each album unique to you, with your top favorite engagement/portrait session images.

The new KSP Fine Art Guestbook Album is a great way to uniquely preserve the special time you share during your engagement,
as well as cherish the loving messages your friends & family will leave you forever!

To me, this guestbook album is something you will always be able to look back on, share with your loved ones
& enjoy for many years to come together.

Without further ado,
here is the a studio album that I created from karen & giancarlo's esession :

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