Let's Detox In The New Year!

The holidays are upon us, as is the upcoming brand new year, and personally I think there’s no better way to get off to a great start than to do a detox and give your mind & body a much needed reset.

I’ll be doing a community wide 7 day detox starting January 8th! I have been doing this detox every quarter for the past 2 years to help remove toxins, replenish my system with nutrients & restore total body wellness. In my personal opinion there is nothing else like it on the market -- it is the most realistic, comprehensive & complete detox I have ever done. It will help you eliminate what is not serving you, decrease bloating, support clearer skin, increase your energy, boost your mood, remove brain fog, speed up your metabolism, get better sleep, lose weight & feel so much lighter in every sense.
As I dive deeper into my Integrative Health Practitioner studies, I am realizing how important a regular detox is for the maintenance of our bodies, no different than changing oil in our car. Doing a detox is a perfect place to start & the benefits that you reap in under a week are incredible.

Here's a quick break down if this detox peaks your interest :

I am leading a private group of people who are also interested in rebooting their immune system as we begin the brand New Year! We are starting on Monday, January 8th.

The Equilife 7 Day Detox is the one my husband & I personally love and stand by. I have done various detoxes but what I love about this particular one is that it is a comprehensive, full body Functional Medicine detoxification system. It will gently eliminate harmful toxins while re-balancing the body at an underlying root cause level. It combines Ayurvedic herbs & Functional Medicine to support liver detoxification, which in turn helps to restore nutrient deficiencies while safely removing toxins. It allows the body to release what it doesn't need while replenishing it with what it DOES need -- a complete WIN-WIN!

The good news is that you can detox anywhere! I would advise you do it on a week that you don't have too much going on & are not traveling so that you can be best prepped for success.

This time around my group & I are starting on January 8th, 2024. If this week works for you -- great! If not, you can always choose a week that works better. I do HIGHLY recommend finding at least one other friend or accountability partner to join you.

First & foremost, our bodies were made to know how to detox on their own. Unfortunately, though, we live in a world that has an overload of toxins, so in turn we have to help our bodies 'detox' them out. Think of it like an oil change or engine flush on your car (except in this case it is your body)!

It's very straight forward! Once you purchase your Equilife 7 Day Detox, you will have all the supplements & shakes needed (for under $100). On days 3-7 you will need to plan ahead to incorporate a whole foods plant-based lunch & paleo style dinner. Below is a quick snapshot!
And if you still aren't sure if you need to do a detox, here are 6 signs to think about :
If you’re interested in joining you’ll want to purchase the detox kit &
FILL OUT THIS QUICK FORM so I can add you to my private group.

Looking forward to having you!

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