Universal Binder

Sep 15, 2023 Wellness, Detox, Remedies, Motherhood
With summer on its way out & school in full gear, I just wanted to give a shout out to
Equilife‘s Universal Binder. I am so grateful to have had these on hand throughout this summer, especially when traveling, as well as into the fall where you are naturally exposed to more.

A few benefits of the Universal Binder :

*Helps with removal of toxins, heavy metals & mold.
*Reduces bloating & gas.
*Helps with skin issues
*Alleviates brain fog.
*Increases overall energy.

The Universal Binder is created to be well-tolerated by both children & adults, as well.

Personally these binders give me some added peace & ease knowing that there is some great support helping us all detox out what doesn’t serve us.

Tell me, do you use binders?!

Stay healthy & sane friends. xx
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