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Sep 20, 2023 Wellness, Faith, Motherhood, Personal
It's been a good minute since I did any type of intro on here & felt it on my heart to do so today. This is my precious family— truly, my world. Becoming a wife & mother changed me in the most beautiful of ways & it continues to make me want to push even deeper into my faith.

I have been blessed to get to do a lot of things in my life to date, but the one thing that has always stayed consistent is my endless pursuit of the GOOD in life & how to live it WELL daily. I love to learn, read & listen from others, as much as I love to share & grow.

Here, & on my blog, you will find many things when it comes to family, faith & wellness. You’ll also find snippets of what I find encouraging to my soul & hope it might just be to yours, as well. Thank you for being here.

Drop a “YES!” if family, faith or wellness are important to you!
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