Drink Lmnt

Okay friends! I've been wanting to try out DrinkLMNT for a while now & finally got my hands on it a couple of months ago. I'll be very honest -- I was skeptical. I mean, do I really need this? Will I feel much of a difference? Can't I just keep sprinkling a good salt into my water instead?

Welp. I was wrong. Like, WAY wrong. I can't believe how much my body craves these daily now & how much better I feel (& I was feeling pretty good in general, lol)!

Personally, I went with the raw unflavored kind & yes, it definitely takes a minute to get used to drinking because it does taste salty at first sip. BUT, I promise you it's worth the try, especially as we enter these hot summer months & need more electrolytes in general.

Anyway, just wanted to share! I will always only share things that actually work for me & this one definitely does. I reached out to the company & they were kind enough to share a personal link that will get you a FREE sample pack with your first purchase if you choose to try it out yourself! See link : CLICK HERE!
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