Strength In Together

May 24, 2023 Faith, Motherhood, Personal
God keeps placing it on my heart to share more -- more of the in between stuff, the good, the 'bad', the REAL life stuff. And it's been on my heart to talk more about marriage.

We all know the importance of communication in marriage (& all relationships) but, what I wanted to address today, even more so, is the importance of being able to really check yourself when you know you are in the wrong. You know, it's that gut feeling you get that you would much rather ignore.

Mark & I have been working hard at better communicating, finding the appropriate times to have deeper conversations & really making effort to hear each other out. It's messy & far from perfect, BUT we are both intentionally working on it. Personally, I have noticed that there have been a few times where he has addressed how I handled a situation &, as he was speaking, I knew almost instantly that he was right…. HOWEVER, my ego didn't want to admit it. I almost felt like my mind was saying, "Just say it! Acknowledge his viewpoint." But my lips didn't want to budge.

And then, something miraculous happened -- I mustered up the courage to say, "I can see where you are coming from & I will take that in consideration for the next time this happens." And he replied back, "Thank you. I appreciate you saying that."??

And just like that, it was like we both could exhale a sigh of relief & move FORWARD. I did it again the next time, & not only did it feel easier but it also felt like even more momentum for us as a couple moving forward.

I think we often hear that marriage is HARD and that it takes a lot of work -- and yes it is, but I also want to encourage us to try to shift our perspective a little. Marriage is a beautiful covenant & the most sacred journey -- & if we choose to see it that way, then we also need to choose to heal the parts of us that don't want to be "seen".

There is great power in speaking life over your marriage, in praying & having HOPE. There is also great strength in admitting your wrongs. The goal is, after all, to continue to join TOGETHER, not apart. I hope this brings a flicker of encouragement to your soul, & your marriage, today.
Photo by the talented : @eccampbellphotography

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