Show Up

I asked God to show me my 'word' of the year the other day, realizing I hadn't quite 'heard' it yet as I normally would. And just like that a few hours later, when I questioned if I would even have a word, it just rang in loud & clear as I was putting on my daughter's shoes.


Personally, I have always had a word of the year because it helps me focus & set positive intentions for growth, healing & everything in between (which we can never have enough of!!). In a lot of ways we can either allow things to control us, OR we can focus on training what we CAN control within ourselves. Having a 'word' helps redirect that focus in a helpful light when we get distracted (which is BEYOND easy to do these days, now isn't it? ).

This year, no matter how much the weight of our world tries to pull at us, I am going to center myself WITHIN. Hence, SHOWing UP. For myself. For my family. For God. For you.

I have never been more certain in my life of the importance of connection, community & authentically sharing our stories. And I'm going to SHOW UP... for it all.

How about you? Do you have a word for the year? I'd love to hear what it is.

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