It Begins With You

Aug 11, 2020 Wellness, Motherhood, Personal
#100daysoflivingAWAKE day 28. Today was a good day & today also sucked. It started off really strong & then by midday, our refrigerator (which was just filled with fresh groceries) decided to stop working. From that point on, I was literally ping-ponged around trying to get someone from warranty to actually care & set up an appointment that wasn't a month from now. I have literally been on hold for over 5 hours today &, honestly, I feel just besides myself.

We all have days like this. But I also didn't want to get on here today and just not mention the stressful & draining day I had because that wouldn't be REAL, & definitely miss the whole point of living AWAKE. You will have days that will just suck. But, you will remind yourself it could be worse & that it will get fixed, eventually.

So I thought I'd get on here to vent that out for a hot sec & then to also ground myself in truth. Today had so many great moments, as well, & I wanted to share one of them. I got to connect briefly with my husband's mentor, Loren, while at the park with the kiddos. Loren is quite simply put : one of a kind. He is so very patient, humble, wise, loving and full of an undeniable peace. I admire him so & pray that one day I can have 1/4 of that special zen that he shines.

Today, among the breeze, he listened to me as I expressed to him all my thoughts & concerns about this upcoming school year. He gave me such sound advice back & one thing stuck out at me the most. He said :

"YOU are the home educator & everything else is extra."

He went on to explain that no matter what route we decide, we are always our children's home educators first & foremost. Everything else that happens -- school, homeschool, tutors, extracurricular activities, etc -- is a bonus. It US, as the parents, that are in charge of their core 'education'. It begins & ends at home.

Such a great thought, isn't it? I hope this helps bring some peace to your parent hearts tonight as it did to mine today.
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