Healthy 1st Birthday Cake

Morning friends! I have more goodness to share with you. Even though I have always been into health & nutrition, there have been many things I have adjusted health wise ever since having my son. Upon becoming pregnant, I really began to think about what goes into & onto our bodies SO differently.

so yes, I have MUCH to share! I started with my blog post about my LOVE for Young Living Essential Oils, & next up, I wanted to share this awesome recipe that I used (& LOVED) for our son's 1st birthday (which was somehow already over 2 months ago!! >> sigh <<).

I will have an entire post about my FAVORITE items when it comes to making baby food (& making it easy on yourself - major BONUS), as well. In general, it is my desire to share helpful info, that took me a good amount of time to research & figure out on my own, in order to hopefully make it easier for you. Saving precious time = never a bad thing, especially when you are a parent!

So let's get back to this 'healthy' cake, shall we? First, I cannot take credit for the actual recipe. I got it from a sweet friend (thanks again Jennifer ) who got it from HERE, so truly all the credit & info are there! (thanks for sharing this Mamanosh!)

Below are my thoughts on it all, some advice I would give if this was my first time making the cake... sprinkled in with a few testimonial photos from Jobie's first birthday.

here are the ingredients I personally used :

2 tablespoons virgin organic coconut oil
1 1/2 ripe organic bananas
splash vanilla extract
sprinkle cinnamon
4 tablespoons unsweetened organic applesauce
1 egg (see note in original blog post regarding egg allergies)
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
scant 1 cup flour (I used organic coconut flour so I added some purified water to the recipe which kept the cake moist & delish!)
1 cup Greek yogurt
sprinkles (optional)... I was able to find an organic kind from Whole Foods & only used a tiny bit on the top

(reminder : full recipe on Mamanosh's blog post)

a few of the ingredients pictured here :
To be honest, for how healthy our son eats,
I was worried about giving him cake with tons of sugar (& Lord knows what else)
and chance him possibly getting sick, or a tummy ache, or anything of that sort (yes, I am crazy.... crazy in love with my son )!

This 'healthy' cake was not only SO easy to make, it also tasted amazing
AND I didn't feel nervous at all about giving it to my son on his birthday -- WIN WIN.

As you can see, he was pretty excited about his first cake.
A little bit of examination....
First taste... I think I was more excited than he was.
However, here is something I didn't think about --
I kept his cake on ice because of the ingredients in it, but his party was outside
& it just so happened to be the first COLD fall day that day.
Therefore not only was he feeling a little cold, but then he stuck his fingers into super cold cake!
totally not a smart move on Mom's part there.
So my suggestion would be to keep it refrigerated
but give the cake some natural 'warm up' time in room temperature before your kiddo digs in!

He ended up giving it a bit more taste but honestly, he enjoyed it most later in the comfort of his home.
...& I think he was a lot happier once I bundled him up again!
love LOVE my family!
So there you have it folks! I would definitely make this cake again for us to all enjoy.
It was, in my eyes, a success all around. PLUS, it was super fun & special to make him his FIRST birthday cake.
I hope to carry on the tradition for many years to come!

wishing you a beautiful day with much LOVE,


ps. special thanks to my talented & dear friend Jennifer who snatched my camera from me that day & took almost all of the awesome shots above! YOU ROCK! & we are so grateful!
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