Thank You 2014

Dec 31, 2014 Motherhood, Personal
it's 6:20pm,
& as i sit here i am filled with a heart beaming with such GREAT thanks that it almost feels impossible to put it into words.

yet,,, i know i need to write.
i haven't written any personal posts since September 18th, which was my due date,
only because i have been entirely & utterly enthralled with our son.
i seriously cannot get enough of him!!! #slightlyobsessed
he requires an entire post all of his own... to come soon!

however, this doesn't seem to quiet the voice in my head that keeps telling me
& to BE STILL.
which seem to contradict themselves but somehow i totally get it.

i need to write. i need to share. there is so much i want to tell you!
becoming a mother has changed me in the most beautiful & humbling of ways.

i thought i was an open person before,
but now i am open like a colorful book,
whose pages are still being illustrated & story continues to be told.
my son ignited this in me.
...and i want my story to continue to be told, to be shared,
because i am constantly reminded that we are all in this together.
the more truthful about who we are, the more we grow from each other
& know that we aren't in this big life alone.

this year has been FULL in so many unexpected, beautiful ways for which i am so very thankful.
God continues to remind me to trust in HIm, to lean on Him, & to have Faith in Him.
i thank God for all He continues to bless us with, big & small,
and for the immense amount of love & gratitude he continues to place upon my heart.
...and i can never, ever, fully thank him in 'words' for the tremendous Blessing he has given us with our son, along with my family.
there are no words to encompass HOW MUCH they mean to me & HOW MUCH i love them so. ...somehow, i know He knows.

no matter what 2014 brought to you & what 2015 brings ahead,
never lose sight of HOPE.
be GRATEFUL for every little thing.
& LOVE with all your might.

the rest will fall into place.
wishing you & yours a MOST...
with love & gratitude, always,

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