Thank You 2013

Dec 31, 2013 Personal, Passion Life Love
i honestly do not know where to begin,

so i will keep this simple

& heartFULL.

2013, if i had to pick 3 words to describe you,
they would be :




if i had to pick three words to describe myself this year,
they would be :




if i had to pick three hopes for myself into this bright NEW YEAR,
they would be :




without even thinking twice,
what are YOUR 3 words?

this past year has been filled with so. much. GOODNESS.
along with bumps & curves along the way.
i am grateful, so grateful, for every single one of them.

2013 was also the launch of a project that has been on my heart for quite some time now,,,
i want to know YOUR story.
the response has been incredible & overwhelming in the most amazing of ways.
i am forever thankful for each of YOU brave souls who have so openly & willingly shared your story,
the ones that are still in process of writing their stories,
& of course any of you out there that decide to do so in this coming year.

yes, i have decided that this project is not finished. in fact, it has only just begun.
2014, here we come!

for now, here is a little wordle of everyone's 3 words from each i want to know YOUR story.
the only 3 words i added in are PASSION LIFE LOVE... seemed quite fitting.
when i look at all those words above,
i think it is pretty special that even though they are from numerous people,
i feel ALL of them.
i relate to ALL of them.
how incredible is that?!

Mark & i are headed off the grid today,
to a magical land called 'up north' to enjoy & reflect on this past year,,,
and dream up/goal plan for this coming year!

i am looking forward to dreaming BIG with you all in 2014 & seeing those dreams become our own realities.

the last thing i will leave you with today, on this last day of 2013,
is this quote by Maya Angelou :
here's to a year of LOVE, where people can't take their eyes of of you!

wishing you all a most
may it be filled with your heart & your love...

thank you for filling mine this year.

love & gratitude,

*interested in sharing
YOUR story?
for more information & to sign up :

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