happy monday. you may recall some of the gorgeous faces i posted recently of the Pokot children...

here are just a few of the beautyFULL faces of the women of Pokot that i had the pleasure of meeting & photographing
while in Kenya, as well... specifically in Chemolingot, Kauriong & Kodich.

they will soon grace the website of the womenofpokot.com.
some are profile photo updates & others are available for Prayer Partner Program!

you may be wondering what exactly is the "Prayer Partner Program"?!
as it states on the womenofpokot.com website :

"The Prayer Partner Program is a simple idea of connecting women in the U.S. with women in Kenya
to share their lives, stories, prayers, encouragement and love.
Pokot women who are part of the women’s empowerment program are matched with woman from the U.S. to develop a
personal and spiritual relationship with each other.

It doesn’t cost a cent to participate and makes a difference that money can’t buy!
Women from both countries over the past year have had many tears of JOY and NEW AWAKENINGS
from the letters and love sent and received across the continents."

i can definitely say from what i have experienced first hand, these women are absolutely AMAZING.
and to me... the sincere hope, trust & pure LOVE in these faces below says it all.
to visit the Women of Pokot website,


with love, gratitude & hope,

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