Awake My Soul

i don't know about you,,,
but for me it seems that the 'small' stuff,
you know those little things that happen in life or come 'coincidentally' across your path,
sometimes have the BIGGEST messages.

like this heart leaf that greeted me in Pittsburgh last summer after a great walk in the woods with one of my best friends & our dogs. little did i know the even greater significance it would have as i came across it recently going through personal photos that have been on the back burner (as they ironically always seem to be... if you are a photographer, you hear me! ).
as i am preparing to leave for Kenya, where i am to document 3 different orphanages,
i can't help but to wonder what my heart, eyes & mind are about to embark on next.

what are the 'little' things that will happen along the way? not just the obvious ones.

& then the other night as i was packing away,
Mark put on the Mumford & Sons live concert for background music & i heard a line i have heard many times before...
but this time i heard it just a bit differently.

In these bodies we will live,
in these bodies we will die
Where you invest your love,
you invest your LIFE

awake my soul...
i am ready for this adventure to truly AWAKE MY SOUL!

& to say i am immensely THANKFUL for all those who have supported me to do this is an understatement.
you will never know the depths of my gratitude. i can only hope that what i capture & bring back to you will suffice in showcasing a piece of that!

i will be out of office until Monday, April 8th, 2013.

please contact my amazing assistant, Angela, for any pressing matters!
to email her, click here!

with love & peace,


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