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Apr 18, 2013 Your Story, Giving Back
finally getting back into the swing of things after my recent travels to Kenya,,,

& SOOOO ready to share our next i want to know YOUR story!!!

without further ado,
please meet Kathleen.
this is her story.
who are you, where are you from, what excites you, what is your PASSION... what's your story?

Who am I?

I am my husband's wife,
my mother's daughter,
my children's mother,
my friend's confidant,
my employer's worker,
and at the end of the day sometimes I forget

who I "am".

I have never been extraordinary at anything in particular,
in fact I'd say I'm down right ordinary,
and I'm OK with that.

There are absolutely things I've tried to be great at,
but I can't honestly say I was a star athlete, a 4.0 student, or a fashion plate.

What I can say is that I've learned to be
a loving wife (it takes work),
a thankful daughter (it takes time),
a patient mother (it takes love),
a thoughtful friend (it takes wine),
and a hard worker (it takes passion).
I "am" all of those things to all of those people, and if I can be extraordinary at THAT,
well, then that in itself is something great.

The work, time, love, wine, and passion fulfill me.
what are 3 words that describe you & your LIFE?

* thankful
* organized
* chaos

What & who do I love?

My family,
my Dixie dog,
and my friends...
I grew up with a small family and didn't know my grandparents.
I feel blessed everyday my daughter asks to see grandma and papa.
My children melt my heart.

I have very few friends, but those who call me a friend know undoubtedly that I love them to the moon and back!
My Dixie is going on 12+ years with me.
She has been with me almost 1/3 of my life and given me so much joy and comfort.
Kathleen invited me to come over on a weekday night right around dinner time...
where i had the pleasure of documenting a snippet of what her beautiful world consists of!
you have seen a few images above, however here are a few more that totally melted my heart!

the newest additions to their family, adorable David & Andrew!
Mom & sweet Anna!
you know, just hanging out with Dixie,
& holding hands, while being held by Dad
getting ready for some dinner!
there is truly SO. MUCH. LOVE in this home! is a beautiful, beautyFULL thing.
& last but not least,
"what is your most favorite quote?!"
I would say
"I will always be the best "me" that I can be."
the quote is from the song "what I am" by Will.I.AM... Sesame Street Lyrics is the song if you have never heard of it - it's awesome so be prepared to dance sings "What I Am" on Sesame Street from Abbey Colucci on Vimeo.

Kathleen , it IS awesome!!!
as are YOU!
thank you for sharing YOUR story
& for inviting me into your home.

with love & admiration,


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