Sabbatical : A Journey Within

beginning on January 1st, 2013, i will be starting a sabbatical research project & pursuing a BIG DREAM of mine.

as i turn the corner on my 7th year in business as “ksenija savic photography”,

there have been a lot of pretty incredible opportunities that i feel so blessed to have experienced.

the first being the transition of our studio in Troy to Royal Oak.
when i signed my two-year lease for this beautiful space, i wasn’t married...

( image courtesy of the awesome Rock the Booth! )
let alone even engaged at the time!
( image courtesy of KSP's ah!mazing Angela taken at the studio on the day we got engaged )
so needless to say, A LOT has happened.
& as Mark and i became one, so did our decisions for our future together. as our wedding day approached, we spoke more & more about what the future holds,,, we both have a tremendous amount of & many things planned that i am excited to pursue & write about.

however, one of the first things we decided to pursue was the next ‘step’ for the studio space.
knowing that we have plans of having a family we decided it would be best to 'downsize in order to UPSIZE'.
after speaking to my wonderful landlord, Dick...
( pictured here compliments of my handy dandy iPhone )
we put it out into the Universe (& Craigslist ) regarding the possibility of someone renting the studio space.
even though we were nearing the end of our lease, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what happens.

sure enough, by the time we were back from our our honeymoon, someone had already inquired & an immediate connection was made! as sad as we were to leave the studio,,, it made it SO much better to know that another person who is passionate, caring & driven was taking it over with her insurance agency.

so what’s next you may ask? well, KSP is still KSP. our home has just moved to a new location!

& we are still dreaming up BIG dreams....
which brings me into the next opportunity…

my upcoming sabbatical!

as mentioned above, beginning in January of 2013, i will be starting a sabbatical research project & pursuing a BIG DREAM of mine.

i realize you may be wondering what exactly is a ‘sabbatical’?
...well since you asked : : definition
1. Sabbatical also Sabbatic relating or appropriate to the Sabbath as the day of rest
2. Sabbatical – of or relating to sabbatical leave; “sabbatical research project”
1. a sabbatical year
2. denoting a period of leave, especially approximately every seventh year

although my sabbatical will not be for a year,
& yes, i will still be finishing work that has been started, i have blocked out a certain amount of time to focus on
ksenija savic – the artist, the blogger, the friend, the person.
i need to press pause & reconnect with my soul & my true self… and express SO much that has been weighing on my mind, body & spirit.

fittingly enough, it also happens to be my 7th year in business.

i can’t make any guarantees as to what is to come, however...
i CAN promise you some incredibly raw & open posts filled with truth, inspiration & art in an entirely different form.
as always, your comments, questions, support & suggestions are welcomed with open arms & truly appreciated!

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with love,


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