Our Wedding Video

from this day forward, if anyone ever asks me if video is important on your wedding day
(or for any big event for that matter),,,

the answer is YES!!!! yes yes yes YES!

& i mean...
hands down. no question. just as important as photography.
what i learned in mere minutes of watching our video short from our wedding day is that i was reliving emotions that could only be captured through movement. it is an indescribable feeling so just trust my word -- don't pass on the video.

DO NOT PASS ON THE VIDEO! plan on it, make room for it in your budget & book it.

i felt a tremendous amount of emotion from our photography too (those pics to come soon!) but for now, this isn't about stamped moments in time...
this is about moments that will forever dance in my mind & heart.
moments that i didn't actually SEE clearly,
until now....

hope you enjoy.
thank you again to the AMAZING MBPFilms.
Mark & i are so thankFULL. you guys ROCK our world!

ksen & mark
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