"i Do"

Nov 23, 2012 Personal, Passion Life Love
i still have much to blog about, in general & as always , however especially in regards to our wedding day. it was such a special day that i STILL find myself feeling as if it was all a dream.

...but then i wake up every morning next to my husband & my heart smiles all over again in this beautiful reality.

Mark & i both decided we wanted to write our vows. well, Mark ended up surprising me (yet again ) & not only writing his vows, but SINGING them to me!!!

i don't think i can EVER explain how i felt at that moment when i realized he was actually about to sing to me in front of all our loved ones AND then a surprise violinist appears out of nowhere!
it was a mixture of complete

pure L O V E.

the awesome MBPFilms just posted his surprise vows on vimeo & of course i had to share!
...and a BIG HUGE thank you to the incredible talent of
Bob Mervak (piano)
& Melody Wootton (violin)
who collaborated with Mark to make this all possible.

i hope you all had a very FILLING, in every sense of the word , Thanksgiving!
i know we ALL have SO much to be thankFULL for every day... let's try to carry that thanks into every day this day forward, together.

with love & gratitude,
always -

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