Sacred Soul Retreats : Part Three

somehow today is Friday. when you are in Costa Rica, time really doesn't seem to have a place here, so it is a little hard to grasp that it is already almost time to leave this paradise!

for those of you who may just now be tuning in,,, i am currently in Costa Rica documenting an AMAZING mind, body & soul retreat with Sacred Soul Retreats. if you missed the first post, please CLICK HERE to check it out! and for the second post, just CLICK HERE to check it out!

there has been SO MUCH that has transpired throughout this past week. below is a bit of our journey shared with you through my eyes, mind, body, spirit,,, and most importantly, my heart.


every morning at Anamaya began with yoga with our ah!mazing teacher Lia & this breathtaking view...
have i mentioned how DELICIOUS their healthy fresh, organic food was?!
some details, one of our morning meetings & can we say AWESOME to the pattern in the tree trunk?
the beautiful Loren helping stir up our incredible dinner one evening :
a scorpion even decided to visit us!
during Lori's group Soul Retrieval, the afterbath & a particular flower that caught my eye that afternoon
breakfast followed by Mandala drawings
both breakfast & lunch had some sort of fresh salad with homemade dressing.
below is our lunch one afternoon...
...and the recipe straight from the chef himself!
some things that greeted me on an early morning walk
we were on a search for monkeys when we met "Be" walking her dogs
& then finally, a monkey!!!
after yoga that morning, a turkey vulture decided to check out our pool & pay us a visit
a passion fruit!
my mandala!
& a true Costa Rican meal
yesterday we went for a drive to Hermosa Beach... meaning "beautiful beach"
there is just something about the ocean that is so soothing to my soul
too many things that make my heart smile
in the evening, we burned pieces of paper that expressed something we were letting go of.
somehow, my amazing fiance had already asked me to do so in a note he sent along with me!!
Camillo is one of the awesome staff members of Anamaya who helped cook us up a bar-b-que on the beach!
lastly, as the night came to a close, a little beach crab came out to dance!
until the next time,
with heart & gratitude,

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