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Jul 12, 2007 Portrait
i had the utmost pleasure of documenting the pregnancy of one of my dearest & bestest friend's Angela (or Ang as I call her!!) the other day. She is handling her pregnancy so incredibly well & photographing her was such an honor. Ang has this amazing "glow" about her -- but not only when she is pregnant! She is one of the most positive, happy, honest, vibrant & kindest people that I know and you just can't help but smile when you are around her!! i think you might get a feeling of what I am talking about after viewing some of the photos from our maternity session below!
oh & ps. she also happens to be hands-down one of the best make-up artists that I know!!! she did her make-up for the session & it definitely photographed beautifully!

ang,,, you are so very near & dear to my heart and i am SO happy & grateful to have such an amazing friend in my life. i love you & am very excited to have been able to document this important time in your life! i hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

first... we tried to start with a few in the bedroom...
...only to be interrupted by her cutie-patootie dog Cooper
& then, of course, her cat Scooter decided he didn't want to miss out either!
Cooper decided it was "all about him" for a moment!
so we ventured into her mother's amazing backyard and garden...
isn't she simply radiant?!
this one below is particularly interesting to me because as Ang was sitting there she mentioned the little bugs flying around the daisies....
well, if you look very closely towards the center top of the photograph right beneath her face, you can see one of those cute little bugs!
i just adore this photograph...
the background, the lighting, the colors, her eyes -- she truly shines!
she is one sexy pregnant woman!
i love these because they have more of a rustic, earthy feel to them...
the tie-dye receiving blanket was given to her as a gift so we decided to incorporate it into the shoot! just too fun to pass up.
i absolutely love how she looks like a painted goddess here with a modern twist!
i *heart* everything about this one; the mood, the lighting, her expression...
& of course we had to include her hubby & the daddy-to-be Eric!!! i just love their interaction in the next few below...
this one to me really exudes their bright personalities. : )
i think it is pretty safe to say that we all *heart* the baby-to-be very, very much!
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