Thank You

Mar 29, 2012 Personal
i keep meaning to write you a card to say 'thank you'...

thank you for the sweet card you left me the other day after a hard, long day at work.
thank you for making 'us' buy flowers to brighten up our home this week, after i insisted that we should 'save' the money.
thank you for filling my deflated bike tires so that we can enjoy a ride & take in all the fresh air.
thank you for taking an extra 15 minutes to take a stroll around the block with Jones & i.
thank you for handling some wedding to-do's that were building up & stressing me out.
thank you for pushing on my back in all the tight spots when i know you are tired & would probably rather sleep.
thank you for not just telling me you think i am beautiful, but really looking at me with all the sincerity in your heart.
thank you for loving me, even on the days i don't have the energy to properly love myself.
thank you for listening to me & really trying to hear what i am saying, instead of letting your ego take over.
thank you for reminding me the importance of stopping, trusting & just 'being'.
thank you for reading the proverbs to me early in the morning, when i would much rather be sleeping.
thank you for always reminding me that God is our shield, our greatest reward. that His plan is more amazing than we could EVER imagine.
thank you for your random, loving & sweet texts -- every. single. day.
thank you for being such an AMAZING 'Dad' to our animals,,, Jones, Emollock & Beebs.
thank you for your strong hugs & for the daily whispers ' i love you so much, ksenija ' in my ear.

my love, my sweeeeeeeet Mark, thank you for all that you do & all that you ARE.
(the image above was taken by our newest addition to team KSP,,, the wonderFULL miss Abbey!
more images from our engagement session to come. )
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