The 'we' In Team

okay,,, so maybe there is no actual 'we' in TEAM,
but in KSP world there definitely is.

on monday, i officially signed a lease to a studio space.
yes,,, A STUDIO SPACE for .ksenija savic photography.!!!
a place to continue to grow, laugh, create, love & invite others in for an experience of living FULLY.
my hope is that no matter who you are, or what you came for, you leave our studio feeling at least a little bit happier.

when i started my business i knew i had big dreams ahead but i wasn't exactly sure how they all would manifest.
liking to be in control, one thing i definitely never thought i would have is a 'team'.... let alone a team of 4 absolutely AHHHH!mazing & talented individuals.
life has a funny way of guiding you & placing exactly what you 'need' when you learn to let go & TRUST it.

as i look at KSP & the people that stand with it, i seriously could pinch myself silly.
how did i become so lucky?
i feel beyond blessed & with this incredible blessing, all my heart wants to do is give back more & more to show it's IMMENSE gratitude.

so with that said, i will have MUCH more coming in regards to the new studio space, as well as pictures (of course!) as it all comes together...
but for now, i just wanted to share with you a couple of images i snapped of us at the beginning of the year.

these girls are shining stars ,
each perfectly unique in their own way
& each so radiant and FULL of life.

from left to right, Danielle, Ang, Jaime & i...
dearest Danielle, Ang &Jaime,,,
thank you for your continued love, support, encouragement & laughter.
thank you for BELIEVING in me and in KSP.
i cannot wait to see where the adventure takes us next! thank you thank you thank YOU for everything!
oh wait,,, did i mention for the loads of laughter, light & love you bring daily to my life???!
thank Y O U !

peace & love & gratitude,

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