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  Thursday, 5.19.11

when Stewart contacted me in regards to doing a session for his brand new album coming out called, "Heartless World", i was super excited... especially after i checked out his website & listened to his awesome work! Stewart Francke is a very talented artist who puts his heart & soul into everything he does.

below are some of my top favorite images from our session, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post to see even more images (as well as hear one of Stewart's songs 'With You Once Again'!).

Stewart's new album, 'Heartless World', was released May 17, 2011.
this is Stewart's 11th album & this new record features Stewart's duet with the awesome Bruce Springsteen!!!
be sure to check it out!

a BIG thank you to Angela for rocking out the make-up for the sesh & to Danielle for her rad assistance!! thank you to Dan of Showtime Detroit for letting us do some make-up & hang out in between clothing changes! be sure to check out Stewart Francke's website, too -- simply CLICK HERE!

Stewart,,, we had SUCH a great time that afternoon. thanks for trusting me & my KSP team to do our thing -- i couldn't be happier with the images below! i hope they put a smile on your face. with great heart & gratitude, always,,, ksen

'heart of a heartless world'?

the man himself, Stewart Francke !

one of my topTOP faves :

love the feeling to this image :

love everything about this :

Stewart,,, you are SO photogenic!


love this :

can you feel the emotion?!

this series makes me S M I L E

another topTOP fave :

really {heart} the mood in the series below :

Stewart, as far as i can see,,, the road ahead is quite BRIGHT!

.... aaaaand the finished product designed by the talented Mark Iannace!
the front album cover :

inset :

& the back!

***CLICK HERE!!!***
to view the slideshow & see even more photographs!
the song used is by Stewart Francke himself called, 'With You Once Again' ~ enjoy!
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