Aya, Matt & Ellie

Mar 10, 2011 Portrait
what do you get when you combine some killer creative minds + uber unique style + 3 incredible souls + 3 of the most contagious smiles?

the answer, my friends, is Aya, Matt & Ellie !

if you are a follower of the blog,,, you have more than likely heard me mention the names of my dear friends Aya & Matt a time or two, or three. even more recently you may even remember the mentioning of their sweet smiley absolutely beautyFULL daughter Ellie, too. when Aya contacted me about doing a more stylized type of session, i couldn't have been more excited! not only do i LOVE this family so much, but i absolutely adore their incredible sense of style, great love & laugh-out-loud approach to life. needless to say, we had a B L A S T.

below are some of my top favorites from our sesh... be prepared to SMILE. a lot. also, be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more photo goodness!!!

also,,, if you are looking for an AWESOME blog to add to your roster,,, you should definitely check out Matt's blog : 'The Good The Dad & The Baby' !!!
it will inspire you, make you laugh out loud, as well as give you some downright deeeelish recipes to add to your plate! ...no pun intended!

Aya, Matt & Ellie,,, . sigh. where could i possibly begin? thank you for letting your creative juices flowwwwwww & for trusting KSP to ROCK it out with you. thank you for ALWAYS being so incredibly loving & warm & welcoming. thank you for making me laugh continually & for loving me for me, as i love you all for wonderFULL YOU ! Danielle & i had the BEST time with you guys.... & i am just thrilled to be able to share with you these love-FILLed-to-the-top pics below! after watching the slideshow, my heart could burst with SO MUCH happiness -- your family is LOVE. i feel incredibly blessed to know you, call you my friends & to have had this amazing opportunity to show you what your love looks like. i hope they put some HUGE smiles upon your hearts!
with great love & gratitude,,, always, ksen

notice the letter 'E' on the block?? i LOVE that it was next to the issue of Vanity Fair... a little foreshadow into our session :
remember miss Ellie?
{ the gorgeous hat was knitted with love by her Grandma Bonnie!!! }
the fam
Ellie didn't seem to mind at all when Mom & Dad took a reading break
feet & toes !!!
there is so much depth in the simplicity of this image. love.
two words = Ellie's smile !!!!
{ps. Ellie's Grandmother Bonnie also made her amazing bloomers!}
Ellie with her Mom
Ellie with her Dad
the beautyFULL fam
there is something about a kitchen that just says 'home' :
"abundance is a bicycle, a sunny day, and an open road"...& very smiley baby!
someone got to go in Mommy's closet...
i love every.thing about this image :
can you find Ellie?!
it is never too early to start your adoration for SHOES!
her expressions kill me! LOVE!!!
"garnished chicken my love?"
'you just kick back & relax'
one of my TOP favorites from the sesh
snack time with Dad
L O V E this :
and this!
happiness is : laying under a tree with your loves
{another top fave }
Ellie & Dad time
Ellie & Mom time
this photo just makes me smile
seriously Ellie,,, could you be any cuter?!!!
love is : a kiss on the cheek
l o v e
shadows are like moveable footprints,,,
forever embedded & always with us.

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