Kathleen, Matt & Dixie

Feb 11, 2011 Portrait
there is something to be said about the wonder of photography & capturing moments. however there is also something to be said about capturing the essence of a couple so very much in love, about to become parents to their first child, & already parents to an uber sweet dog named Dixie. it is almost hard to explain in words,,, but i think you will understand when you see the radiance in the photos below.

Kathleen & i went to high school together. i remember her always having a smile on her face & always, always being incredibly kind. our class was so large that i never really had the opportunity to get to know Kathleen even better... so being reconnected this way has truly been AWESOME! Kathleen is a person with the most thoughtFULL & loving of hearts. she has a way with words that makes me smile every time i hear from her. when i got to meet her husband, Matt, & their ah!mazing pup Dixie, it was absolutely no surprise to me that they were just as incredible.

below are some of my favorites from their session, however be sure to check out the slide show to see even more photographs!

....also, Kathleen & Matt recently welcomed their sweet baby girl Anna Sophia!!! she is absolutely AMAZING!

Kathleen, Matt & Dixie... & now Anna Sophia! Danielle & i can't thank you enough for all the laughter and great conversation shared that afternoon. you are talked about so often here -- i hope you know what an impact you leave in people's lives!!! thank you for being so welcoming & wonderFULL. we just adore you guys & hope these images show you what your love looks like,,, because it is truly beautyFULL. with great love & gratitude, always, ksen

Kathleen made this gorgeous mobile for Anna's room. isn't it magical?
"out of heaven, and into the blue, we wished on a star, and then came you"
loooove this :
sweet Dixie!
"listen Mom & Dad, i am REALLLLLY excited to meet my new baby sister! like, really excited. woooof!"
Kathleen, you are absolutely beautyFULL.
(Matt, you're not so bad yourself !)
L O V E !
talk about a gorgeous couple!!!
...and family!
one of my top faves hands down :
& this too!
love makes my heart smile :
comfy & smiles!
Dixie is such a pretty pup!
we ventured outdoors for a few...
{HEART} everything about this image :
just in time for some smooches as the sun set
their sweet Anna Sophia,,, already showered with so much love !

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to view the slideshow & see more photographs.
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