Traci, John & Barney

Oct 22, 2010 Portrait, Destination
i will never forget when i first spoke with John on the phone. he had seen my images from Michelle, Sierra & Maya's session (who also happens to be their good friend ) & decided that for his wife, Traci's, birthday gift, he wanted to surprise her with a session of her & one of the main loooooves of her life,,,, their uber sweeeeeet dog Barney Bobbit! needless to say, we instantly clicked & chatted away about their connection, the amazingness that IS Barney & how much fun we were all going to have.
the portrait session took place at one of their favorite spots to chill, laugh, relax, unwind & just be... Grand Haven, Michigan (if you have never had the pleasure of visiting Grand Haven, you must!!! it is absolutely amazing.) the day couldn't have been more perfect & from the moment we met, it was as if we had all known each other for years. it was an afternoon i will never forget.

below are some of my top faves from our sesh, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end for even more images! it won't be hard to see the uncanny connection Barney has with his Mom,,, as well as with his Dad,,, as well as the incredible love & admiration Traci & John have for each other.
i'll forewarn you though... you are about to witness LOVE overload. ...ha! as if there could ever be such a thing!

Traci, John & Barney Bobbit!!!... as i have said before, i will say again -- THANK YOU! thank you for your open hearts, your kindness, your enthusiasm & zest for life. thank you for trusting me to do my thang & for all the great laughter shared. i truly can't wait for us all to be able to get together again sometime! until then,,, i hope the images below put a ginormous smile to all your faces! please give that Barney boy a BIG SMOOCH for me!!! with love & gratitude always, ksen

it all began with a little stroll...
and a couple sweet pauses here & there
i absolutely {HEART} this moment :
the gorgeous Traci, John & Barney !
LOVE the series below :
i mean, could they be any cuter???
sunkissed bliss :
a top fave for sure :
the way that John looks at Traci is something truly ah!mazing :
all i have to say is WOW WOW WOW! you two are stttttunning : are YOU, mr. Barney B!!!
l o v e :
another top fave :
Barney Bobbit,,, you make everyone S M I L E . thank you.
love is : relaxing on a park bench
who's the coolest of them all?!
you know i superHEART paws !!!
love,love,love :
do you see the single seagull?! love this photo even more :
a mini break for some soft serve?! um, yes please!
& of course that would be for ALL of us. ahem.
'i think there is just a little bit more left in this corner over here...'
happiness :
Barney,,, you sure are a BEAUT!
soaking in more sun on their beautiful boat, 'Seasun Ticket' :
...aaaand time to take a snooze after a long day of 'hard' work!
before i left, Traci & John asked me to take a pic with them. LOVE that this moment was captured. you two ROCK!
***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slideshow & see more photographs for their session.
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