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Sep 6, 2026 Heather
hey, i’m Heather

one of ksen’s assistants & associate photographer.
i live up north in midland, have a day job, but photography is where my heart is. my photographic style is emotional, focusing on raw interactions that make up our real lives. i find honesty and perfection in a little imperfection.

on a lucky occasion, i’m asked to work with .ksp. … and here’s why i say “lucky” ~ i looove working with ksen - I can honestly say I learn something new about life, photography or myself (usually all three) each time we work together. it’s never time wasted. i return home motivated by her powerful energy.
about ~me~

i’m really not too tough to figure out. i enjoy the simple things in life:
a smoky, crackling campfire, a sunny fall day, a jog with my golden retriever in the park, discussing life over a bottle a wine, dancing with friends to my 80’s music collection (which happens to be how i won over my husband)...
and at the very top of that list beams our son’s laughter. that boy’s soul warms my ♥ inexplicably.
my family & i are truly blessed.

as my Grammy always says,
“we’re so lucky”.
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