jaime & swirl

  Sunday, 5.2.10

please meet lil' Swirl.

sometimes we call her,,, or him,,, *Swirl Star* .

Swirl is actually getting much bigger now... as June 17th approaches, 'lil' Swirl will come out to meet us all.

however, for now, Swirl is nested snuggly in her Mother's belly.

her saweeeeet Mama happens to be the absolutely ah!mazing mizzzz J a i m e !

below are some photos of the lovely Swirl & her lovely mama.
there is a certain magic about the images,,, you can already feel this beautyFULL baby's presence & spirit....

Jaime,,, you are one sexay mamacita! {...ps. make-up was done by the uber talented Angela!}

love * love * L O V E the series below :

Jaime plans on giving her baby this t-shirt one day :


i {heart} Jaime's kitchen table,,, and this image :

the two images below are Swirl showing off :

and last but not least,,, i just have to say i have the BEST team. evah!
i don't have enough words to describe how much i adore/love/heart these girls. from left to right, Jaime, Danielle & Ang :

please ***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slide show & see more photographs.
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