3 Expressions Of Love:and Then Some

Apr 2, 2010 Personal, Portrait
you may have heard me mention the name, Aya, once or twice here on the bliggity blog.

Aya, or Ayako (as i knew her for the first half of my life ), is one of the MOST

truest of friends a girl could ever ask for



she is a lover-of-life who also happens to have the MOST beautiful heart that shines in every. single. thing. that. she does.

i don't know how she does it, but she always always manages to write & create cards that are SO ah!mazing... i literally have them framed or tacked into my walls.

in fact, receiving a card from Aya is as if she first bathed it in sunshine, then flew it to the moon just to sprinkle it with a touch of stardust, sealed it with a smooch & an extra dabble of LOVE. no joke.

i mentioned earlier some of the things that i considered being lucky about & my friendship with Aya is most certainly one of them. when i think of her, my heart feels like the hottest pink heart-shaped balloon. looking back, it is amazing to me how even in the first grade, my intuition knew we were going to be friends for life.

i am the luckiest,,, & the best part is that by sharing these 3 expressions of love, you all can hopefully feel a sense of your own 'lucky', too.

my dearest Aya,,, this . is . your. life ! may your heart be filled with LOVE, as mine is just by knowing wonderFULL you.

expression of love :: one :: a soiree
no, Aya,,, thank YOU for being AMAZING!
...and the food is always to-die-for :
sweeeeet Jonah :
umm, yes please!
L O V E :
i can never get enough of Aya's style :
remember this?!
Aya & i,,, being Aya & i
i would like to EAT YOU UP,,, please. and thank you.
the faaaabulous Lindsey & Denice (who also made the baby shower Happen with a Capital H -- those pics below!) :
Aya & her sweet hubby Matt :
...and all the wonderFULL friends that fine afternoon :
love them!
this is Aya, Julie & i. we all met in the first grade. *heart* this pic & the journey that goes along with it!
the one, the only, mizzzz Aya!
i second that!
expression of love :: two :: a baby shower
Aya,,, you look fabulous
Aya's laughter = contagious
cucumber hearts? but of course!
ok,,, so maybe Aya & i have a slight, minor obsession with shoes.
i don't know about you but i spy a very good father-to-be in the room!
while watching a 'virtual' video surprise from her best friend :
treats :
let me just say,,, Grandma Bonnie (Matt's amazing Mother) is one talented woman!!!
i don't know why i love this pic so. but,,, i do.
the entire beautyFULL group that day!
can't remember what i said,,, but i am glad i said it! love this image :
only Aya would have this rad of a diaper bag for her lil' diva in the belly!
Matt & Aya.... being Matt & Aya
love this so.
already enveloped with l o v e :
expression of love :: three :: Ellie Kokomi
born January 22, 2010 weighing 6lbs 14oz & 18.5" long!
...and with the biggest most Beautiful Heart :
love is :: the soft whisper of your Mother's voice
family :
her expressions just crack me up!
sweet pea!
*heart* this one so!
in case you were wondering what placenta art may look like, this would be it :
.Love. this image :
thank you to the talented Matt for taking charge of my camera so that i can have my own Ellie moments captured!
...and then some !

Aya, just recently stopped by the .ksp. workzone with some downright gorgeous gerbera daisies!
...and one smiley sweeeeet Ellie baby! talk about WIN WIN.
the newest member to the .ksp. team, the wonderful J a i m e, & Ellie had quite the connection, as well.
a HUGE big thank you to the awesome Jaime for snapping a few pics of us!
oh, i love this image & my sweet Jones-ers!
it was love at first sniff for Jones with Ellie :
love, love & LOVE everything about these images & moment!
while Jones & J a i m e were making out ...
Emollock & Ellie were getting to know each other better.
dear sweet Ellie, i love you!!!
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