as promised from the original post "prints.passion.purpose", below is part III of III !

i stumbled across this quote which i deemed quite appropriate as a preface to this post :

"Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
~Anais Nin.

through my recent work travels for the ah!mazing up & coming company, Ciao Andiamo a new world & friendship was most definitely born...
oh Italy,,, you make my heart. sing. without even doing a thing :
my future home... everyone is welcome :
naturally lovely :
'continental' breakfast one morning at an awesome hotel in Positano. pure Italian goodness :
somewhere in here, i left a small piece of my heart... will have to go back one day to leave a bit more :
this is Margherita & her cat Pufi. yes, Pufi. Pufi also happens to be 20 years old!!! we had the BEST time with her in her quaint & cute ceramic shop in Positano :
somehow someone stole my bike & brought it to Rome. don't ask me how?! i am just glad i found it.
one of my favorite pics from the trip and of Jon Pollock, the owner & mastermind behind Ciao Andiamo!
if you think this looks good,,, you don't even know how good it looks in your belly!!!
the sky in front of me as the sun set on the Amalfi coast (can you feel the LOVE & LIGHT?!):
the water in front of me as the sun set on the Amalfi coast :
'dal mi' cocco' restaurant in Perugia = great food, good times, even better memories! always :
pink tux? L O V E! win-win, fo sho :
parallel intersection :
oh Jonny! i *heart* these portraits of him. i feel they really depict the essence of the amazing, passionate & fun-loving person Jon is :
taken in Rome on my last night of the Ciao Andiamo adventure...
of course, the promotion for ADOPT MORE is still haaaap.pen.ning!....
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happy "wednesday's whimsy" to YOU.

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