May 21, 2007 Personal
i finally got my very own .wachler.ultimate.expression. life links & i am SO incredibly excited about it that i had to share with you all. : ) i decided that my first set of life links needed to be something that really hit home, something that i believe in whole-heartedly & encompass fully -- after looking over all the amazing life links to choose from, i realized that the three i kept coming back to were "" --- which then it hit me (duh!)... my company motto! there was no need to further debate what my first life link collection would be & i immediately called & put in my order! I decided to have it made as a necklace... something delicate, yet strong! i was so excited when i got it the other day that i took pictures with it on once i got in my car!!! : ) check it out... & if you haven't checked out Wachler Ultimate Expression, please do! i can't tell you what an incredible feeling it is to own something so unique & special to YOU... symbols that are important to you, the way you live your life... what you believe in. now, my next step is to figure out who i will be giving one of these uber cool links to as a gift, so that they too can share in the excitement & love behind it. : ) i can't wait!
a close up... the links are "" in order from your left to right.
*happy* !!!
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