.a Tin Full Of Heart.

Sep 18, 2009 Personal
despite a minor setback with lack of internet due to a neighborhood outage, yesterday was just a normal busy day at ksenija savic photography.

that was, until i received a knock at my door & a delivery from FedEx. i took a look at the box & tried to remember what it could be that i had ordered as i tore through the cardboard middle. i reached in and pulled out a shiny, round silver tin.

of course, i admired the keen organic presentation. the sticker read "platine"... hmph!? i thought. i didn't remember ordering any product from platine? as i pulled back the lid, i saw a tin FULL of the most delicious assortment of cookies, platine cookies to be exact, & decadent brownies.

and then, i read the note enclosed,,,

Dear Ksenija!

Thank you so much for all your preparations leading up to the wedding day! You have been absolutely wonderful to work with, in so many ways - even beyond photography advice. We are so excited for the wedding and we are thrilled that you will be there with us, capturing our day!

Thank you for everything! See you soon! September 19th will be here in a heartbeat. : )


Kavita & Justin

...i don't know which was sweeter, the cookies or the words?!!!! my heart swelled up in my chest with SO much gratitude. truly, i know i may sound like a broken record when i say this, but i have the MOST ah!mazing clients. i don't know what i did to deserve all this goodness, but i can tell you this -- i sure do appreciate every ounce (and in this case, every bite! ). i do not take one bit of it for granted.

Kavita & Justin,,, thank you for making what seemed to be an ordinary Thursday quite extraordinary! your thoughtfulness & incredible kindness is beyond appreciated. my heart & belly both thank you!! i have so enjoyed the journey up until now & can hardly wait for all the fun tomorrow! thank you again... with love & gratitude always, ksen
you know i not only looooved the sweets, but also the presentation!
platine cookies are made by hand, in small batches, with all-natural ingredients. made with so much heart, they traveled all the way from California... and let me tell you, they are deeeeeelish!
happy, happy Friday!

: )

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