Guess Who Is One?!

Jul 16, 2009 Personal
this was Jonsie's expression when i told him whose birthday it was today :
yes,,, that's right!!! my lil' Jonsie turned one today! i truly cannot even begin to describe the crazy amount of love & joy this little pup has brought, and continues to bring, to my life. in honor of his most special day, i decided to take a walk down memory lane...

here is my precious Jones, from his very first days with me after his adoption. it is so funny to me how you can already see his quirky personality developing :
still one of my top fave pics of him to date :
*heart* this goofy series of him :
i will always be mesmerized by his eyes :
this was taken about ten or so days later... already becoming such a big boy!
i LOVE fall in Michigan, but with Jones in my life this fall, i love it even more :
winter time... Jones desperately wanting to go play in the snow. he has made me appreciate our Michigan winters in an entirely different way :
just a lazy day in the studio :
remember his wubbi?
another top fave :
this is his mr. koooooool look :
sleepypants jones :
he sure LOVES on his toys :
did you say 'treat'?!
his rabbit/kangaroo pose :
sweet Jonsie, you make me smile daily. thank you for being such a great love in my life! now what do you say we talk about making this next year go by just a bit slower??? happy birthday to my little social butterfly. i love you so.
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