May 7, 2007 Personal
a little while back, one of my girlfriends emailed me this video & every time i watch it, i find it just as WOW-ing as the first time. there is such a great message behind it that i wanted to share it with you all! i think it is just so interesting how much our perceptions can be skewed because of the unnecessary retouching (or 'transformation' should I say!) that is done in the aftermath. people are so incredibly BEAUTIFUL that it blows my mind that in some areas of the photography industry one still finds the need to distort & change physical aspects -- it is something that I am SO not a fan of & feel very strongly about. i do NOT do that type of retouching to any of my work!!! i capture people for who they are, & the beauty that they naturally exude inside & out -- that to me is life in it's truest form.

i hope you enjoy this short, yet very powerful video! it is the Dove Evolution Video...

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