Thursday, 5.28.09

you might remember these two lovelies from their engagement session last fall ... well they tied the knot this May and it was truly a blast to be a part of! their ceremony took place at the gorgeous St. John's Armenian Church in Southfield. we then headed onward to the breath-taking Henry Ford Estates for some awesome photo fun! great toasts, a blessing, ah!mazing dinner & dancing all took place at the historic Lovett Hall at the Henry Ford Museum. the Sun Messengers were a hit & kept people groovin' all night long! it was a day & evening to be remembered.

check out a recap of the day with some of my top favorites below,,, however, if you would like to see even more images, just click on the slideshow at the end of this post!

Sarah & Ron... i don't even know how to start or where to begin? truly,,, i don't! when i think of the two of you, my mind & heart get filled with so much to say & the warmest of feelings (i wish i had a camera on me as i was going through your wedding images & prepping this post -- my face has been a giant permagrin & my heart is so happy for the love you have found in each other it could explode. no joke.). i have enjoyed every single moment of getting to know you both better & cannot thank you enough for trusting me to document this incredible time in your lives. thank you, most of all, for your openness & friendship. with love always, ksen

first,,, a sweet getting ready moment between Ron & his Mother :

Ron was looking quite handsome :

his beautiful parents :

Ron & his best man, his brother Jordan :

Ron had wanted to do a photo by his favorite tree...

....and i can see why he loved this tree so much :

the guys were a ton of fun!

upon arriving at Sarah & Ron's home (where Sarah was getting ready!), i finally got to meet their precious little Lloyd!!! he told that he thought his Mama was looking especial-woof-ally pretty that day :

her dress was beautyFULL :

Angela did yet another phenomenal job with Sarah's make-up look :

some of the gorgeous details :

Katie Truchan from Prime Salon, was once again the mastermind & talent behind Sarah's elegant-timeless 'do' :

oh sweet Lloyd, with your dressy bow-tie. i just couldn't get enough of you!

to say that Sarah was glowing that day is an understatement :

*heart* this! :

check out those flowers. out-of-this-world. they came from Papa Joes :

love her smile :

absolutely. STUNNING.

of course, we couldn't leave without a few of Lloyd looking all handsome with his gorgeous Mama!

everything about St. John's Armenian Church had so much heart :

Sarah right before she headed down that aisle! i love the feeling of excitement in this photo :

Ron's first look at his beautiful bride :

yes,,, too cute for words :

if this photo doesn't say genuine, REAL emotion, laughter, happiness... i don't know what does! love it!

the ladies!

boys will be boys

their bridal party was the coolest :

as i was focused on taking some more pics of the bridesmaids, i turned my back for one minute & next thing i know, the guys set themselves up!.... i couldn't believe it! of course, the ladies had to show them how it's really done.

simple & sweet... one of my top-top favorites :

i LOVE their playfulness :

another top fave for sure :

the ever-so sweet & beautiful, Sarah & Ron :

all i have to say is,,, this was an unforgettable moment!

just some of the decadent details :

during one of the loving toasts :

as the sun was setting, we snuck away for a few. i adore how Ron is looking at his wife in this image :

dear sun flare, i *heart* you :

a little play with the lighting ... and of course, we can't forget about the rings!

i love, >repeat< LOVE what they had engraved on each other's wedding bands :

do you know what song it is from?! also, happened to be the song chosen for their first dance :

...their first dance as mr. & mrs.!

love, love, love

Sarah & her father during their father/daughter dance :

Ron with his mother... notice the way she is looking at him on the image on the right. truly a moment,,, this to me is one of the most loving expressions of how a mother looks at her son :

let's just say, a ton of fun was had by all!

we of course had to sneak away for a few 'romancy' shots at the end of the night....

... lastly,,, we just couldn't resist!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs from their big day. i chose a song that i could seriously listen to on repeat forever. somehow,,, i think Ron & Sarah could, too. hope you enjoy!
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