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Apr 1, 2009 Personal, Giving Back, News
i was incredibly honored when i was asked to be a part of a recent podcast for Voices of Detroit. in case you are not familiar with Voices of Detroit, it is co-founded by Larry Henry & David Benjamin, in an effort to showcase positive happenings around the Detroit area -- how great is that?!!

i met with Larry Henry & David Benjamin at Goldfish Tea in downtown Royal Oak (which, by the way, if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Goldfish Tea, i would definitely recommend it! it is an aesthetically beautiful & calming place).

the podcast features an open conversation between Larry, David, Kimberly Leclercq of www.adoptmore.com(SUCH a great cause!!!) & myself. it was such a great time! i really enjoyed meeting and making some new friends that afternoon.

if you would like to read the full post on their blog, click here!

if you would like to hear our conversation from that afternoon, just CLICK HERE to hear the PODCAST!
you can also check out a mini video take on the afternoon shot & created by David Benjamin below :

VofD Wrap Up Show from David Benjamin on Vimeo.

thanks again Larry Henry & David Benjamin!!!

with gratitude,

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