Monday, 3.16.09

i knew 'wubbi', a.k.a Jones's blankey, was on it's way out when he walked into my room wearing it proudly as a cape a couple weeks ago. i just about lost my head with the type of laughter that you can't control but are desperately trying to hold it in so as not to embarrass the other person, err...umm.... animal.

i carefully tiptoed over to my camera so as not to cause any quick, excited movements by Jones. i just had to document this! maybe i am a bit biased considering he is my bubbaganoosh, but he was just the most precious version of himself at that distinct moment.

as i snapped a few photos, Jones eventually realized he wasn't getting a treat, we weren't going on another walk... it was just Mom with her camera again. he curled himself into his wubbi, let out a small sigh as i chuckled another watermelon-sized grin adoringly looking at my pup, thinking to myself, 'life sure is grand'.

hope this made you smile as it did for me. a most happy monday to you!

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