Wedding Make-up Tips!

Apr 30, 2007 Wedding, Make.up, For The Client
i thought it'd be fun to post up some fun wedding day make-up tips for any inquiring minds!

here are a few things to keep in mind:

* if you are getting a facial, it is actually okay to do so even up to seven days before the wedding day. my advice, however, would be to do a test run months before (especially if you don't have a regular facialist that you go to...which, by the way, let me know if you are in need of one becuase i have the most amazing facialist ever!). also, make sure that the facialist is aware that you are getting a facial for your wedding day. : )

* i have a lot of people ask me if they should do anything different to prep their face for make-up application on the wedding day. the answer is "no!" definitely keep up the normal skin routine you are accustomed to! i also stress the importance of moisturizing daily!!! your skin needs moisturizer in order to balance itself out... & this holds true no matter what type of skin you have (from normal, combo, dry to oily).

* in general, make-up wise i always recommend a classic look for your BIG day... something that is timeless, classy & make-him-buckle-at-his-knees gorgeous! a tip in general is that if you decide you want to go heavier on your eyes, make sure you pair that up with a lighter lip. If you decide you would like a bolder lip, make sure to not go too heavy on the eyes! balance is key.

* lips --- SO important to have luscious, kissable smackers on your wedding day! i recommend owning a MAC cremestick lip liner in order to almost stain the lips with a bit of color & definition, lipstick to add a base to your lip look & most definitely lipgloss! i call it the "terrific three"! not only is lipgloss the final added touch to that perfectly round lip, but it is a great way to touch up quickly until you have a moment to step into the restroom & reapply that perfect lip of yours. : )

* lashes.... oh how we love those lashes! and for so many wonderful reasons... # 1 they make us feel pretty (duh!), # 2 they enhance your eyes in photographs, # 3 they are downright fun to have on! I recommend trying MAC lashes #7 or their end lashes #20 in order to achieve the most natural lash look for your wedding day. : ) oh! and very important, i only recommend MAC's adhesive for the lashes called "Duo"... it is a surgical adhesive so it is not a glue & won't tear out your real lashes! make sure you do take them off at night before washing your face, as well.

* two words -- blot powder! this is an amazing product that is great for quick touch-ups throughout the day -- it is literally an 'eraser' of shine without the added build up of powder on your face. plus! it is translucent so it won't take away the blush color, bronzer or make-up you are already wearing. : ) it comes in light, medium, medium dark & dark and, yes... it is also a MAC product (can you tell i am a fan!?).

* fix + -- i heart this product & trust me, once you experience it, you will too! this is a facial mist that is filled with topical antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, as well as soothing agents like chammomile & green tea extract that rejuvenate the skin & give you a fabulous fresh feeling all around (not to mention a little bit of java to give you an added boost). what i love most about fix + is that you can use it whether you have make-up on or not, & you can use it continually through out the day. it helps refurbish your skin after make-up & powder application so that your skin feels, well.... like skin! no cakey make-up feeling here!

so, there are a few tips 'n' tricks... feel free to ask me any questions that might come up. & as always, more to come!
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