The Modell Family

Jan 22, 2009 Portrait
i had a most wonderful time with this beautiful family late last fall.... please meet the Modell's! parents J.J. & Liz have raised an uber amazing family. they have four gorgeous children Ruby, Lacey, Skylar & Nathan who keep their life & hearts full. we did the shoot at Booth Park in downtown Birmingham (definitely one of my top fave parks) & just hung out, played in the leaves & laughed A LOT.

below are some of my top favorites from the session, however be sure to check out their slideshow at the end of this post for even more photographs!

Liz, J.J., Ruby, Lacey, Skylar, & Nathan! thanks again for being so wonderful, open & inviting. i truly enjoyed my time with you all that afternoon --- you are a beautiful inside & out family! i hope you love all the moments captured below! as always, many more to come soon. for now, here's your big ol' sneak peek!

first up, please meet cutie Nathan :
i just adore this image of Lacey!
they all have their own individual styles, which i *heart* SO much!
from left to right, Lacey, Nathan, Skylar, & Ruby!
their grandma was over when i first got there, so of course we had to take a pic! on the right, Lacey showing me her skillz :
the girls...
...have a TON of character!
the gorgeous Modell family!
...'silly face' time
the lovely Lacey :
the sun-shiney Skylar :
the radiant Ruby :
a top favorite from the day :
family portrait ksp style :
mom & nathan ...
J.J. & Liz... it's no wonder they have such a beautiful family!
right as we were wrapping things up, i couldn't resist capturing these last few of the girls. they have such lively personalities that just make you smile.... first up, Ruby with her ringpop :
Lacey with her new eyeballs :
'skittles style'
****please *CLICK HERE!!!*
to view their slideshow & see even more photographs. hope you enjoy! ****
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