happy wednesday! today's wednesday's whimsy is part three & the final part to my amazing Alaskan adventure for Megan & Ryan's wedding. below are some of my favorite pics from my last full day there -- the Sunday immediately after the wedding!

as i have said before, Alaska is truly nature at it's best. i hope the images below brighten up your wednesday & week!

with love & happiness,


first up! Em, her husband, Will, & I went for a hike to see Exit Glacier in Seward on that lovely Sunday afternoon. this was what i found at the welcome center :
as we hiked, we came across this --- it is the after effects of a moose feeding! isn't it amazing? Ryan told me that moose have to feed somewhere from around 30-50 pounds a day in order to stay alive & well!!!
i just love the texture that is left behind :
this is what the ground looks like after the Exit Glacier has moved through it :
on our way!
a close up of the sign by the glacier...
what i *heart* most about the image on the right is that it is something new growing out of something old :
i just love the natural textures earth creates daily :
after our hike, we ventured onward to the downtown area in Seward :
i really love to take pictures of neat textures/patterns that i find interesting and/or beautiful... this one, as simple as it may be, is one of them :
there is just something about this image that i am in love with. from the angle, to the shadow, to the thought of the story behind the bike & all its adventures!
another top fave from our adventure that day :
this is Em & i shooting away... click, click, click!
this was the view right behind us :
& right in front of us :
the BEST part about this photo of Em is that she didn't even know i was taking the image. she was snapping away & had such cuteness about her (as she always does)... i couldn't resist!
lastly, on my way back to Anchorage with Megan... i finally saw one of the main things i was hoping to see before i left Alaska -- moose!!!!!
they are such interesting & exquisite creatures :
sooooooo cute!
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