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Apr 30, 2007 Personal, Portrait
i got to hang out with my one of my most favorite little men recently... my godson & nephew, the adorable, cutie-patoottie, squeeeeezeable, lovable Vincent (can you tell how crazy I am about him?!)! being that he is a year & four months, he is quite the handful these days & SO much fun to play with. : ) here are a few shots from the day capturing a bit of everything from his constant movement, his incredible eyes, him showing me his album of photographs (leafing through the pages so carefully might i add!) and just being the wonderful, energetic, playful little boy that he is! of course his mother, one of my bestest friends ever Jacqueline, had to be documented in the fun, too!!! enjoy!

i heart his expression & eyes in the pic. : )
look at that face!!! don't you just want to squeeze him!? & those shoes & jeans... he is such a BIG boy!
mischief... ; )
mom always knows how to make vincent laugh!
now...what next!?
ahh, yes, time to show aunt ksen my photo album!
tickling is a key ingredient to a perfect day.
snack time!
i could look into those eyes forever!
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