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Aug 16, 2008 News, For The Client
it is long past due time to properly introduce the wonderFULL, talented, beautiful inside & out.... Angela! Angela is part of all the new & fun things that have been going on here at ksp -- she is my right hand woman, officially the new office assistant for ksenija savic photography! there has been quite A LOT going on, to say the least, & Ang helps put some ease to my days & weeks -- because when i am not shooting, uploading, downloading, editing, meeting with clients, making/returning phone calls, emailing, blogging there are SO many other things that happen in the-in-between ( would be amazed! ). i feel incredibly lucky to have her join in on the ksp team.

not only is Angela a super organized, on-top-of-it kind of gal... she is also an uber talented make-up artist!! due to the fact that my schedule books up quickly and i think it is SOOOOO incredibly important to have great make-up on your wedding day, i have been referring Angela for make-up, as well! having worked closely with her for the past five years (make-up wise) there is absolutely no question of her remarkable talent, but the BEST part is that she is also one of the most fun & genuine people that you will ever meet! to me, it is always important to have someone like that around on your wedding day!

as always, ksp will be kept on the most personal of levels which is why i wanted you all to get to know Ang a bit better! therefore, i asked Angela to write a little something about herself & this is what was given to me :

"i believe that makeup should bring the inner beauty to the surface. to enhance our given features and add some spark!! in doing this, i hope to help women feel more beautiful, feminine and proud. it is such a personal thing, it is important to me that each person feels connected to the experience and trusts me for guidance. and most importantly -- has fun!!!

i feel so honored and excited to be part of ksp. because ksenija is such an incredible person, i know this will be an incredible journey! her passion, soul, spirit, and style are truly contagious."

isn't she the best?!!! Ang! i ** you so!! thank you so much for your sweet words & for being such a vibrant light in my life! you have been such a blessing in my world!

also, if you would like to get ahold of Angela for her radtastic make-up skills, just click here to email her! below, you will see some images i took of make-up that she did on Danielle & Aya, as well.

first up, some photos i took of Ang during her mini-shoot :
yes, she is gorgeous...
& has the best laugh ever!
Ang is always so happy & bright... i feel that this image captures that about her :
the beautyFULL inside & out.... Angela!!!
on that same day, i had Ang do a classic/modern bridal look on Danielle to show off her mad skillz. "beautiful laughter, beautiful experience! this is how i would describe my 'make-up' time with Ang! i have never had something like this done & now say with confidence EVERY girl should par-take in this. bonus is if you are lucky enough to have someone like Angela do it!! love, love, love" is what Danielle had to say about her experience with Angela....:
talk about absolutely breathtaking :
love the feeling in this one :
she is too pretty for words :
Angela also did Aya's make-up! Aya was recently a bridesmaid in a wedding & wanted to learn how to do a cool smokey eye. "i had the most fun having Angie do my make-up! she was so friendly, personable, down to Earth, and FUN! she always made sure i was comfortable, but also allowed me to enjoy the experience of feeling like a glam queen! i feel like she enhanced my natural features rather than masking it or changing it. nothing beats the experience of being complimented on features that you didn't even know you had! her personality, her energy, her style, everything about her helps you feel at ease, comfortable, and yourself." what Aya had to say about her experience with Angela :
i'm telling you, she just lights up a room :
just toooooo cute, so beautyFULL!
love it! so happy, so Aya!
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