Wednesday's.whimsy : Germany

introducing... "wednesday's whimsy" ! -- starting today, i will be making an effort to post a personal post every wednesday!!! when i look at the oodles & oodles of photographs that i would love to share from my personal life, i realize that i tend to put all that on a hold in order to always focus on the ksp business work. however, with 2008 being the year of great balance, i know that in order to make my heart most happy, as well as focus on what this is really all about -- passion! life! love! -- my blog wouldn't be complete without this necessary addition & my readers would never know the entire ME! so now, i aim to dedicate wednesday's to the things in my personal life that inspire & invigorate my soul. here's to a little bit of spice, dash of sugar, sprinkle of sweetness every wednesday!

starting off the first 'wednesday whimsy' are photographs from our trip to germany --- last year (yes, i am that behind with my personal posts!!)! it was a very short stay (literally about three days) but it had been 5 years since my last visit & i couldn't contain the excitement i was feeling inside... so of course, i tried to cram in as much as i could while there. one of my best girlfriends, Tijana (pronounced like T-I-Y-A-N-A) lives in Essen, Germany with her amazing family & most wonderful friends. whenever i visit her & her family, i leave feeling inspired with a great sense of truly being ALIVE -- they are the type of people that are open, beyond welcoming, & so very loving. below are some highlights from the trip!

Tijana, -- draga moja! evo konocno stizem da stavim slike na moj blog. nadam se da ces da ih volis!! kad ih gledam, uvek se nasmejem. kako te obozavam, tvoju familiju, drustvo, i tvoju nemacku!!! puno mi pozdravi i izljubi sve, sve, sve za mene. cmmmmmok! tvoja, ksen
the gorgeous & truly wonderful, Tijana :
her father, the intelligent & wise Mika :
from left to right, Marko (Tijana's brother), Mika (father), & Iris (Tijana's sister) :
Marko's girlfriend, Sabine :
Tijana's mother, the most sweetest spirit & incredibly wise, Beba :
Jarek... a great friend of theirs :
.... who is also a most exceptional chef!
i love this image so much... it reminds me of an old painting :
some fun details around town:
Beba & Mika's car :
& this is the upholstery on the ceiling of the inside of the car... just love this texture!
for those who know me well, they know i loooooove animals... & have been wanting a dog for quite some time now, hence... FYI -- i am prone to snap photos of dogs, puppies, etc.
another example -- this is the uber cute Cosmo, Iris's dog....
and yes, it was love at first sight!
on your left is an image taken in downtown Essen... & on your right is Mike very excited to have a true german meal!
we went to this awesome museum :
& it was filled with tons of super modern fun ideas -- like this... an above angle view of a ying/yang couch! :
mike & i on the train :
Mike wearing an Aloha Jet t-shirt (Marko's band!) :
Tijana had the most rockin's shoes on this one day --- so of course i had to document them, too!
and before i left, i decided it was due time to take some photos of my beautiful (inside & out) friend Tijana :
one thing about her is that she always smiles & laughs. when i think of Tijana, this image represents the image painted in my mind. SOOO much love to you my Tinibambini!!!
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