Let's Detox!

Hey hey! I am doing another 7 Day Detox starting on Tuesday, August 1st -- thought it would be great way to start off August with a bang AND also end the summer & start the fall strong. If you want to join me, be sure to :

1. Purchase your Equilife 7 Day Detox (chocolate or vanilla) so that you get it in time!

2. Comment "You're in!" below & DM me your phone number if you want me to personally text you daily with quick inspo/check-ins.

3. Get pumped to truly reset & feel amazing! Your mind & body will thank you.

I have been doing this detox every quarter for the past 2 years to help remove toxins, replenish my system with nutrients & restore total body wellness. In my personal opinion there is nothing else like it on the market -- it is the most realistic, comprehensive & complete detox I have ever done.

I'll share more in the days to come but let me know if you have any specific questions! xx

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." --Joyce Meyer
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