Universal Binder

Did you know that on average we are exposed to more than 100,000 toxic chemicals? This ranges from day to day environment/air pollution, pesticides, cleaning products, perfumes, etc. We are living in a world that’s hard to truly ‘escape' these toxins BUT — I am not writing this to scare you! Instead, I want you to feel empowered & encouraged to seek small ways to safely remove them & give needed rest to the body.

EquiLife's *NEW* Universal Binder just came out & I am pretty excited to be one of the FIRST to try it out AND have a product on hand that can help absorb toxins on every level! What I love about this binder is that it has an awesome combination of :

Bentonite Clay,
Humic & Fulvic Acids,
Apple Pectin,
Taurine &
Carbonized Activated Charcoal

that all work together to bind to the harmful toxins within your body & safely remove them. You can use this binder as is or as an easy add-on to many Functional Medicine protocols.

In general you will find that it :

Helps with removal of toxins, heavy metals & mold.
Reduces bloating & gas.
Helps with skin issues
Alleviates brain fog.
Increases overall energy.

Lastly this binder is created to be well-tolerated by both children & adults. #winwin This is truly an ANY TIME toxin remover! Highly recommend checking this one out. xx
DISCLAIMER : Please note, I am not taking the place of your licensed medical professional, I do not diagnose and do not take responsibility for your health. I encourage you to do your research & seek out conversations with medical professionals that you trust and love. I cannot promise you any certain results, but I can tell you that I only speak what is upon my heart & from my own personal experience.
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