Off Track?

This past weekend I found myself cross country skiing for the first time & kept saying to my instructor, "Oops I got off track - have to get back on track!" in regards to the tracks I was gliding on.

But let me back up for a minute to help illustrate this story better. About a year-ish ago I learned how to ski since the rest of my family was loving it & I wanted to be a part of that, too. I gave it my all & pushed through A LOT of fears - especially my fear of heights. Every time I went on a chair lift, I literally felt like I couldn't breathe. I made it through that season with only one fall feeling pretty good.

However, when I went on my first hill this year, something clicked inside me - "I don't actually like this." I'm watching my family so excited to 'go skiing' but internally, I was feeling dread & angst.

I decided to give it one more go on our 2nd annual Boyne trip. In order to get to the easy hill, we had to take a chair lift. I was nervous but did it anyway. As we went down that long first hill, I kept saying, "I can do this!" and then, I fell & ALL my emotions came out. I was done. And also crushed & even slightly embarrassed. Why can't I just enjoy this like everyone else?

Afterwards, I had time to reflect & come to peace that being honest with yourself is NOT giving up. It's honoring yourself.

I decided to learn how to cross country ski as I heard that this might be more up my alley... and let me tell you, IT WAS. I absolutely LOVED it. It reminded me of 'skiing' on my parent's Nordic Track in our basement in my youth. It was peaceful & a great workout - a complete win-win.

So, as I was telling my cross country ski instructor (a wonderful 70 year old woman from Finland who had been cross country skiing since the age of 2!), "Oops I went off track again!" it made me realize how sometimes the best way we learn is by going 'off track' so that we can get back 'on track' in a way that aligns within.

I also realized as I was gliding on those tranquil trails that every year as we prep for this trip, everyone is beyond excited, as I am quietly filled with fear & angst. Now, however, as I think about another ski trip next year I feel giddy to have my thing that I 'get' to do. It's such an encouraging feeling to have.

Wherever this finds you today, take time to evaluate the things in your life that bring you excitement and pursue those! And, if you find yourself feeling 'off track' in a particular area, ask yourself what could help you get back on track. Honor that. Honor yourself. Life is too precious to be pushing through on things that don't truly bring you joy.

(A few pics of the many 'shoes' I wore this past weekend & one of pure joy in those gorgeous peaceful trails )
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