7 Day Detox / The Day Before

Hey hey hey!
Tomorrow's the official start of The 7 Day Detox so I thought I'd share a few quick things that you might find helpful as we begin tomorrow.
First, these two podcasts are a great & easy listen to help you feel even more prepared :

>> The Top 20 Do's and Don'ts of Detoxing <<

>> The Right Way to Complete a 7, 14, or 21-Day Functional Medicine Detox <<

Second, the nice thing about having the first two days taken care of for you (since you are just drinking the shakes), you have a little bit of time to start thinking out & prepping for your meals (which start on day 3). If you are wanting some

Lastly, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or DM me with ANY questions whatsoever!
Be sure to check my stories on IG for day to day tips. I will also have a '7 DAY DETOX' highlight on my main page, too.
Can't wait for tomorrow!
Cheers to feeling your best,

PS. Don't forget to check back to THIS BLOG POST in case you need an easy breakdown of the full 7 days, too.

DISCLAIMER : Please note, I am not taking the place of your licensed medical professional, I do not diagnose and do not take responsibility for your health. I encourage you to do your research & seek out conversations with medical professionals that you trust and love. I cannot promise you any certain results, but I can tell you that I only speak what is upon my heart & from my own personal experience.

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