Amazing 7 Day Detox

Hey hey! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As promised, here is more info on the awesome detox I did recently. Personally, I chose the the 7 day detox, however after completing it, I realized I felt SO good I wanted to do another 7 days so I thought I'd throw it out there for anyone who wanted to do it with me (this time my husband is going to join in on the fun, too )!
You may be wondering, "Why Detox?" ...which I get! Our bodies were made to know how to detox on their own! However, unfortunately, we live in a world that has currently over 144,000 man-made chemicals in the environment (according to the World Health Organization). Just a mere 3 years ago, there was only confirmation of 77,000 man-made carcinogens -- which means that the the world has become that much more toxic in a VERY short amount of time. However, the GOOD news is that although our bodies do need some help detoxing these days because of these facts, it doesn't have to be hard to “Empty Your Rain Barrel" & reduce your total toxic load. The bonus is that the great benefits afterwards are pretty outstanding!

This cleanse is like no other I have ever done before (& I have done A LOOOOOOOOT of detoxes ). This detox is a comprehensive, full body Functional Medicine detoxification system that gently eliminates harmful toxins while rebalancing the body at an underlying root cause level. It combines Ayurvedic herbs & Functional Medicine to support Phase 1 & 2 liver detoxification, which in turn helps to restore nutrient deficiencies while safely removing toxins.

Some of the other benefits of this 7 day detox is weight loss,increased energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, anti-aging, metabolism boosting and clearer thinking. I personally reaped all of this benefits, as well as eliminated my brain fog, felt even energy all day long & honestly felt the best I have felt this entire year. I was actually a bit surprised because I love to eat healthy & take care of myself, BUT what this made me realize is that as much as I do 'take care' of myself, I was still needing to reboot my system & remind myself to take more time to "eat the rainbow", just as I tell my kids to.
Check out the pics & more info below for a basic rundown of how the 7 days go! Heads up, you will want to take it easy on the first two days but once you get to the 3rd day, you will be starting to feel the benefits. I also personally love that you get to eat real, wholefoods as part of the detox which not only felt amazing, but also sets you up for success for after the detox ends.
QUICK TIP! On the first two days when you drink 4 shakes, I really enjoyed making my afternoon one as a 'pudding'... basically just put the scoop of the powder in a bowl & mix in only a little bit of water until you get the right consistency. Enjoy!
Have fun creating, too. Here is a very quick & easy salad I prepped the night before for my lunch on the go the next day. You can't see it but there is a big scoop of hummus in the middle & a little drizzle of lemon juice on top! Mix all together when ready to eat... seriously delicious.
Lastly, you CAN drink herbal teas while on this cleanse & THIS Organic Dandy Blend Herbal Tea is my ultimate FAVORITE tea. Super easy to make, delicious, nutritious & it has a very rich, smooth full-bodied coffee-like flavor but without the caffeine, acidity or bitterness!
Extra tip : I love to add a bit into my kiddos hot chocolates to add in nutrition & natural detoxification.
I am sharing all of this because I whole-heartedly believe that we hold the power to feel our very best -- I have seen it work first hand in my life time & time again. I am excited to do this next round with you all and will be sure to share all my tips of the 7 days in my stories.

If you are wanting to try it out & join us you will need to purchase : Dr. Cabral's 7 day Detox & choose between either CHOCOLATE or VANILLA (I did chocolate the first time around & purchased vanilla for my next round... honestly, go with what you would choose if it were a cupcake flavor & you can't go wrong ). They have a BFCM sale going on right now, too -- FYI!

Second, set your calendar to begin the official detox next week on:
Tuesday, December 7th! I find it easier to start the detox almost mid week so that you are prepared & feeling strong once the weekend comes.

Lastly, email me, DM me or leave a comment below with a "I'M IN!" & I will be sure to reach out and connect.
Just don't forget to purchase your 7 day Detox asap so that you have it in time!

PS. If you are curious about your overall toxic load, you can take this assessment & find out!

PPS. You can still do this detox if you do NOT want to lose weight, as well! They will give you all the tips.

Lastly, for all sorts of Detox FAQ's,
Hope you'll join us!


DISCLAIMER : Please note, I am not taking the place of your licensed medical professional, I do not diagnose and do not take responsibility for your health. I encourage you to do your research & seek out conversations with medical professionals that you trust and love. I cannot promise you any certain results, but I can tell you that I only speak what is upon my heart & from my own personal experience.

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