Nov 16, 2007 Portrait, Engagement
i have to first start off by saying how much credit i give these two!!! their esession happen to be on the only non-stop rainy, drizzly day in October, not too mention super windy -- & we were basically at the point where we thought we would have to reschedule when the clouds happen to break & some sunlight decided to shine through. well, I immediately hoped in my car to meet Karen & Giancarlo in downtown Royal Oak & literally not even ten minutes into my drive, sure enough it started to rain again. we met anyway, had some coffee, great conversation & waited to see if maybe it would break again. eventually, the rain subsided a bit & Karen and Giancarlo decided that they still wanted to give it a go! I sure am glad we did because the photos most definitely have character from the day -- we had a lot of fun. Karen & Giancarlo are the best! They are getting hitched in May '08. These two are so in love and they laugh SO much together that you can't help but laugh & be happy when you are around them.

Karen & Giancarlo, thank you again for your determination & great attitude!! i thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you both that afternoon & love the images captured. most definitely a day to remember! i cannot wait to photograph you both again on your wedding day!!!

***for more images, be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post! ***
it was so windy that when the umbrella opened up, this is what happened!
aren't they the cutest or what!?
: )
loooooove everything about this image :
the movement & energy in this one is so fun
do you see what i mean about their laughter!! so contagious
one of my top, top favs from the day :
karen's eye's are amazing :
aren't they gorgeous!?
& the sun decided to pop out for a second at the very end of our session! it was perfect.
**** *SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. also, the song used is "banana pancakes" by Jack Johnson ( i deemed it appropriate because it is about a couple in love on a rainy day! ; ) . enjoy! ****
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