I got to visit with my uncle (my father's only living sibling) recently who lives in Florida. To be honest, I was actually quite nervous to see him, along with my aunt & cousins. I didn't know what to expect or if it would be too hard or bring up so much emotion since I hadn't seen him since my father's funeral.

Well, it WAS hard & it DID bring up too much emotion -- BUT, even more than that, it filled up my soul in a completely indescribable way. Being able to talk (& cry) with my uncle & hear so many stories about my Dad & their youth, watching his mannerisms, his smile & being able to hug him -- all of which felt like I was with a piece of my Dad again, because well... I was.
We are all so intertwined & connected — so much more than we will ever truly understand. Allowing ourselves to be fully present with those we love is SUCH a gift.

I’m forever grateful that I didn’t let fear of not knowing what to expect hold me back because that time spent with my extended family on that gorgeous sunny morning in Florida was the highlight of my month.

The next time you feel fear tugging at you, remind yourself that the opposite of fear is gratitude & a life well lived. You having nothing to lose, & absolutely EVERYTHING to gain.

So much LOVE to you, friend!

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